Course Specification

Title: Talks in Maxillofacial Surgery

Speaker: Dr. Basem Jamal

Whatsapp Course (Distance Course)

Date: Module 1 (5-7/03/2020)

Module 2 (12-14/03/2020)

Fee: practitioners 150 SR

Student 100 SR


Registration agreement and consent:

  •  I pledge my registration information is accurate
  •  I pledge not to distribute the course materials including image- and audio or video- posts to other individuals or groups.
  • I pledge to be respectful in the group discussion and that my interaction will be within the public decency law of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • If I decided to register but without joining the group, I understand I will only receive the course materials directly from the organizers but will not participate in the questions and answers session.

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